LX-Face Mask -Red & Blue Light Therapy Face Mask For Skin Rejuvenation

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  • Looking for beautification that is not only safe for your skin but also helps in repairing your skin inside out? Our red light face therapy mask allows you to regain smooth, firm, and radiating skin. Considering the versatility that it brings, you will be amazed by the results it can bestow on your stubborn skin concerns, especially acne & wrinkles.
  • Best red light therapy for the face: LX-face Mask comes with a sheer range of LED lights of accurate wavelength and allows you to switch between different modes according to your skin type and concerns. Not just that, this RLT face mask comes with a silicone eye pad that keeps your eyes protected.
7 Light Modes

The photon treatment of 7 colors in our RLT face mask can help in repairing your skin woes. Each LED soothes and pampers your skin well by reducing oil secretion, sun spots, and other stubborn blemishes.

Compact and Portable

Our LED mask is lightweight and easy to store, making it a great travel companion for those who want to maintain their skincare routine on the go.

Built-in Timer

The auto timer ensures that you receive the optimal amount of Red Light Therapy without the need for external timers or guesswork, making your skincare routine even more efficient and hassle-free.

Rechargeable Battery

Enjoy the freedom of portability with the LX Face Mask. Say goodbye to cumbersome cords and outlets. Charge it up, and you'll have the flexibility to use your mask wherever you prefer,

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Every woman is beautiful, and we are here with our red light therapy for the face to just embrace that beauty without altering it. Reinforce your skin with an advanced skin repair formula—the RLT face mask, the best red light therapy for the face.



We want to bring affordable, non-invasive skincare solutions that make you feel wonderful and keep your skin naturally radiant. Designed for facial aesthetics, 7 colors of light deliver beneficial results for specific skin conditions. This RLT face mask improves skin elasticity and promotes metabolism; it should be part of your skincare routine. It inhibits the production of melanin pigments, which, when used consistently, can give you beautiful and delicate skin.

The latest in light irrigation technology, our red light therapy face mask comes with guaranteed satisfaction.



You don’t have to let your skin blemishes become part of your identity. Keep your skin happy, healthy, and hydrated with the RLT face mask, whose purpose is to get you your desired skin: smooth and soft. It penetrates deep into your skin and naturally plumps it.


Easy to use, clean, and store, the RLT face mask can be used before, after, or as a part of your skincare routine in the comfort of your home.



“It’s time to get yourself the skin that you constantly desired. Indulge in the luxurious glow of our RLT face mask.

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Additional information

Weight 7.7 lbs
Dimensions 16.9 × 11.8 × 3.1 in

Silica Gel


Face & Neck

Face LED Qt.


Neck LED Qt.


Light Modes


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18 reviews for LX-Face Mask -Red & Blue Light Therapy Face Mask For Skin Rejuvenation

  1. Jessica S.

    I am absolutely thrilled with the LX Face Mask – Silicon! After a few weeks of consistent use, my skin feels firmer and more youthful. I even had a friend ask if I’d had a professional facial. I’m beyond impressed with the results

  2. Mike L.

    I purchased the LX Face Mask – Silicon and have seen improvements in my skin’s texture. It’s a bit heavy for extended use, but the results make it worth it. My wife noticed the difference too!

  3. Emily R.

    I’ve used the LX Face Mask – Silicon for two months, and the transformation is incredible. My skin looks more radiant, and fine lines are visibly reduced. I can’t recommend this product enough.

  4. John D.

    The LX Face Mask – Silicon is effective, but I wish it were a bit lighter. However, my skin feels smoother and more rejuvenated after each use. It’s definitely improved my skincare routine.

  5. Linda P.

    This mask is a game-changer! I’m in my 50s, and the LX Face Mask – Silicon has taken years off my face. It’s comfortable to wear, and I’ve received so many compliments on my complexion.

  6. Alex K.

    This facemask has made a noticeable difference in my skin’s appearance. I just wish it were more lightweight for longer sessions. Nevertheless, it’s been worth it for the results

  7. Sophie M.

    I can’t believe how well the LX Face Mask works. My skin is firmer, and the fine lines are practically gone. I feel more confident than ever. It’s worth every penny!

  8. Daniel G.

    The LX Face Mask is effective, but it’s a bit slippery. I use it for shorter sessions and have seen improvements in my skin. But it keep sliding from my face. Otherwise, its perfect.

  9. Sarah

    The LX face mask has been a game changer. It reduced my breakouts, leaving my skin radiant. Highly recommend!

  10. Mark

    I’ve always had issues with pigmentation. The LX face mask helped lighten those dark spots. It’s a bit pricy, but the results are worth it.

  11. Lisa

    As an older lady, I was skeptical, but the LX face mask exceeded my expectations. My skin feels cleaner and more youthful. It’s easy to use and has become a daily ritual

  12. John

    I’m a guy who cares about his skin. The LX face mask did wonders for my acne. It’s a little messy, but the glowing skin I have now is priceless

  13. Emily

    I have had dark spots for ages. The LX face mask has brightened my skin, but the packaging could use improvement. Still, it’s a great product

  14. Chris

    The LX face mask is a life-changer. My acne used to be terrible, but now my face is glowing. A few inconveniences, but I love it!

  15. Megan

    I’m in my 30s, and the LX face mask helped me regain my confidence. It takes time to show results, but it’s worth the wait.

  16. William

    I’m an older gentleman who never thought a face mask would be for me, but the LX face mask proved me wrong. My skin looks amazing. A little confusion with instructions, but it works.

  17. Jennifer

    My dark spots were a nightmare. The LX face mask improved them, it does look a bit funny while using but it’s worth it. I’m happy with the overall results.

  18. Kevin

    The LX face mask has made my skin feel youthful again. It’s perfect for those with skin problems. The spelling mistakes on the packaging were a bit amusing, but the product is fantastic.

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