Ultimate Spa-like Experience at Home

Ultimate Spa-like Experience at Home

Get clean, moisturized, and soft feet by including our Foot Soak Basin in your daily self-care routine.
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Indulge in Relaxation with AWA Foot Soak Basin

Indulge in Relaxation with AWA Foot Soak Basin

Calm down your senses and enjoy a moment of self-care.
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Give a Good Treat to Your Feet : AWA Foot Soak Basin

Give a Good Treat to Your Feet : AWA Foot Soak Basin

Give your tired feet a spa-like experience at home.
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Relaxation Simplified: AWA Foot Soak Basins for Happy Feet

Take your daily self care routine to the new heights with our Foot Soak Tub that promotes wellbeing of your feet.

No More Foot Issues

Reduces feet aches, redness, pain and inflammation in your feet.

Home Spa Experience

Give spa-like treatment without leaving the comfort of your home.

Get Clean & Soft Feet

This Foot Soak Basin promotes blood circulation and give relief to muscles.

Accommodate men’s size 13

Hard and Sturdy Material

Unlock the Secret of Clean & Soft Feet with Foot Soak Basin

  • Give your feet a pampering comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry or store
  • Improve blood circulation in your legs
  • Ideal for foot care routines & pedicures.
  • Therapeutic acupressure points

American Wellness Authority Foot Soak Basin

Rated 4.6/5 by 100+ Customers Living a
Healthier and Happier Life.

Blue basin for foot spa at home

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Black basin for foot spa at home

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Invigorating Convex dots

Experience a gentle massage with the innovative convex dots lining the basin's surface. This feature adds an extra layer of comfort to your foot soak sessions.

Sturdy Material and Built-in Hook

It ensures reliable support, providing a stable platform. Also you can hang this Foot Soak Basin as it has hook design for easy storage and drying after every use.

Space-saving and Portable

Our Foot Soak Basin has a compact design so that you can take care of your foot wherever you go. Lightweight and easy to carry, perfect companion for travel.

Accommodate Men’s Size 13.

Whether you have smaller feet or larger ones, foot soak basin is designed to comfortably fit up to men's size 13, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of this amazing experience.

A Fine Product By
American Wellness AuthorityTM

  • Premium Quality
  • American Brand
  • Easy Replacement

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What Our Customers Say

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Absolutely! The AWA Foot Soak Basin is versatile and perfect for pampering pedicures. The comfortable design allows you to treat your feet to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Yes, indeed. At American Wellness Authority, we've designed the basin to accommodate a variety of foot sizes comfortably. Whether you have larger or smaller feet, you can immerse yourself in relaxation. Suitable for men size 13.

Yes, you can enjoy a luxurious foot soak using warm or hot water in your AWA Foot Soak Basin. The basin is designed to withstand the temperature, ensuring your relaxation is just the way you like it.

We've crafted the AWA Foot Soak Basin using premium, durable materials. This ensures that your basin is not only comfortable but also built to last, providing you with long-lasting relaxation.

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