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We’re on a mission to promote wellness while rewarding those who help us spread the word. Join our Affiliate Program and embark on an exciting journey of wellness and wealth.

Unlock A World Of Benefits

Joining AWA’s Affiliate Program isn’t just about earning commissions; it’s about partnering with a wellness authority that cares about your success.

We offer a plethora of advantages tailored to help you thrive as an affiliate

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Generous 15% Commission

Earn competitive commissions up to 15% for every sale generated through your unique affiliate link. Please register for more details. 

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Top-Quality Products:

Promote wellness with confidence, knowing you’re endorsing premium red light therapy devices and wellness products.

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Marketing Support

Access a wealth of marketing materials, including banners, creatives, and expert guidance to boost your affiliate journey.

How it works

Joining the AWA Affiliate Program is a Breeze!

register with awa
1. Get Registered

Click the “Become an Affiliate” button, fill out a few details, and submit your application. You can choose your preferable platform like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc. 

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2. Get Approved

Our team will review your application, and once approved, you’ll gain access to your personalized affiliate dashboard. Where you can get your unique affiliate link. 

earn with awa
3. Start Earning

Share your unique affiliate links with your audience, track your referrals, and watch your commissions grow.

Are you the right fit?

The best-fit affiliate partners are content creatorscontent syndicators, social media influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and marketers who want to monetize their content and help businesses to unlock the potential of partners as they scale.

you are the one


New partnerships mean new questions. Here are some FAQs that commonly pop up before joining the Affiliate Program.

Yes, our affiliate program is open to partners worldwide. We welcome affiliates from all corners of the globe.

To withdraw a commission, you’ll need to set up your PayPal or Stripe while registering with us or through your AWA Affiliate dashboard. Once that’s complete, you’ll be paid immediately once your registered deal closes.

No, there’s no minimum sales target. You can earn commissions on every sale you generate, regardless of the quantity.

No, it’s absolutely free to join our affiliate program. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Your earning potential is limitless. AWA offers competitive commissions on each sale, and the more you promote, the more you can earn.

60 Days. That means, if your referral do not purchase immediately, you will still get the commission if one purchase within 60 days of the first visit by your affiliate link. 

To become our TikTok Shop affiliate, you must have an affiliate account on TikTok. Please contact us on TikTok directly.

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